Valuable resources for Parents/Guardians to student success.  IF you have any questions, please direct your questions to your teacher.

Now available in your MTAC Parent Portal home page…

Parents CM 2021 Guide

CM 2021 Video Recording Guidelines

CM 2021 Repertoire Upload Instructions

CM 2021 Theory Test Length and Time Limit Information

CM Keyboard and Staff Paper



June 9, 2021….Your CM Teacher will be picking up the CM 2021 Certificates this month and distributing to their students.


March 10….Congratulations to your students who continued to pursue their music education with dedication. You can find CM 2021 Evaluations results in your MTAC Parent/Adult Student page soon. Thank you for your patience.




February 22, 2021    DEADLINE for CM 2021 PREP – ADV Media files uploads. This date is assigned to MTAC Pasadena by the MTAC State CM Office. This info is found in your MTAC Parent Portal < CM.

Students have a 10-day window to upload their CM 2021 media files prior to the published Feb 22 deadline. Therefore, the dates are February 12-22 for MTAC Pasadena CM 2021 students to upload their CM 2021 Prep – Advanced levels media files through their MTAC CM online system.

MTAC recommends parent complete the media files upload process (through the MTAC Parent or Adult student’s Portal) as it is the most direct.

MTAC CM State Office will be sending emails with instructions and information to each enrolled CM 2021 student. Also, check your MTAC Parent Portal home page for updated information and process. Please make sure your email address account (as listed in your MTAC Parent/Adult Student profile) accepts emails from MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California). Check your junk/spam folders (as well as Promotions/Social tabs if you have gmail account)  in case your account rerouted the emails from your inbox.



For Parents/Guardians who have students enrolled for CM 2021 PANEL/YAG auditions….

February 14, 2021  DEADLINE for CM 2021 PANEL/YAG CANDIDATES to upload media files. If you have questions, please ask your student’s teacher for clarification. Also check your MTAC Parent Portal and/or emails for information.



January 28, 2021   MTAC CM State Office sent an email on January 28 to your email as listed in your MTAC Parent/Adult Student portal. Please read and watch the video links about Online Theory Testing, Online Sight Reading/Singing Testing, Video and scanned music PDF upload instructions and process. If you have any questions, please ask your CM Teacher.



November 5, 2020    DEADLINE for parents/guardians to pay for their student(s) CM 2021 application(s) online through the MTAC Parent portal. Unpaid application(s) after the deadline will be voided. Do not wait to the last minute to pay for CM 2021 fee(s).