Helpful and Timely Information for you for a successful CM year!

March 8, 2020 – Theory & Ear Training Test Day



May 29, 2020

Hi Teachers,

by now, you all know the dates for CM video recording upload.

Once again, Pasadena CM students have from June 11-21, 2020 11:59 p.m. to upload their CM video recordings to Acceptd platform.


advise and encourage your students (and families) to record now and not wait to the last minute!

See the teacher MTAC April 30 and May 18 emails for details.

Information can also be found in your emails from Branch CM Chair.

The CM 2020 season finish line is in sight! Keep up the good work.



May 12, 2020

While the Branch does not yet have specific date deadline to submit the CM performance videos, DON’t WAIT to record!! We can go ahead to record the CM requirements NOW.


But I hope I can encourage YOU to…
advise students NOW to practice video recording of their CM requirements.  The camera setup, recording, lighting, wearing the performance clothes and shoes….practice practice practice this skill.  Anyone who has done any recordings will know this process takes skill and time!  It is a different way of playing your music for a recording!
record the Technique  this week… do it several times…at least the student will have 2 or 3 recordings that they can choose the best one for upload (when the time comes)…wear performance outfit for each time.  Don’t want to have the best recording but they are wearing pajamas!
and go ahead to record repertoire pieces too.
Remember….one video for Technique, one video for each repertoire piece.
example: a Level 2 CM student will have a total of 3 video recordings….Technique, Repertoire 1, Repertoire 2.
so…when the deadline is given to us…all you have to do is upload! easy. no stress. done.
If you have CM Senior Award candidates, please do give extra encouragement to them to finish the course strong and well!
MTAC Pasadena CM Committee is proud of all the students for exhibiting determination, drive, perseverance, internal motivation, and excellence in artistry no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in!

May 5, 2020


State CM Office sent an email on April 30 to all CM teachers with general information on CM performance evaluations. Students are to video-record their CM performance according to the guidelines mentioned in the email.

If your student still needs to take the theory test, the test is going online. Make sure your student has access to a computer in order to take the theory test online.  IF your student does not have access to a computer, please notify the Pasadena CM Branch Chair right away.

Your CM families should have also received a MTAC State Office email about CM on May 2, 2020. If you don’t know the answer(s) to your CM families/student’s questions, send your questions to

Parents sending emails to MTAC Pasadena will not be answered. Have the parents/students ask YOU (the teacher) the questions.  Thank you for your cooperation.



March 25, 2020

CM Teachers,

A March 25, 2020 email was sent to you from MTAC/ State CM Council about the remaining CM testing season. Thanks for your patience.


March 12, 2020

The following Branch’s CM 2020 dates are POSTPONED as directed by MTAC Executive Director until further notice. Thank you for your patience. 

March 14 – March 15, 2020  – Piano Performance Evaluations Days

March 21, 2020 – Branch CM Theory Make-Up Test Day

March 22, 2020 – Strings, Voice, Winds Performance Evaluations Day




February 21, 2020

Hi Branch CM Teachers,

Teacher jobs have  been sent to your email. PRINT OUT your Teacher Job notice for quick and easy reference.  Remember, your Teacher Help Request(s) is/are not guaranteed.   However, assignments were matched as closely as possible to your requests and what is needed.  Thank you for your flexibility in serving the students during the Branch CM events.

For other publish dates for Theory, Performance schedule, action deadlines, etc…..please refer to your email for details.

Celebrate the journey of growth with your students. Keep encouraging them to stay the course and enjoy the process in music making!

See you in March!



February 2, 2020


Hi CM Teachers,

As the weeks get closer to the Branch CM events, please keep an eye on your emails often… Updates and important information will be coming your way in plenty of time/notice.

Encourage your students to enjoy the music they play. It is a gift to be able to translate the dots and lines on the page into a living art!  Remind the parents/guardians that their support is super important to their child(ren)’s continue growth.

Play on!



January 12, 2020


If your student(s) is/are participating in the CM 2020, encourage them to participate in the Branch Recital.

The next Branch Recital is on Sunday, February 23, 2020 at Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel. This date will be an excellent opportunity for your students to perform their CM 2020 repertoire for the audience’s enjoyment. A public performance is a great learning tool for the student…because it allows the musician to understand how preparations/practice affect our performance outcomes and success.

Contact the Branch Chair Michiko Hartzberg for a Branch Recital application, or you can find the form also on the Branch’s webpage under “Programs” < “Branch Recitals”.

Friday February 14 is the deadline to submit the Feb 23 Branch Recital application form and payment.




Information about MTAC Convention Theme is also found in your MTAC Teacher Portal, and on the MTAC website.


MTAC Convention Theme info



CM 2020 Teachers,

Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY!  As deadlines approach, it is very important to make sure you don’t miss important information.

Branch Chair will be sending specific CM-related emails notices to the email address you gave during Branch CM Teacher Training.  Emails sent or received  are date/time stamp for your convenience and record.


You can also find general Branch CM info through your MTAC Teacher portal, or refer to the Branch CM Training Teacher Packet you received in September, or look in the Branch Directory.



NOVEMBER 13, 2019

MTAC Teacher Work Agreement form and Branch CM Teacher Help Request Form’s deadline is now past. Thank you to the CM teachers who sent in the signed forms in a timely fashion!  Assigned Teacher Help info will be emailed in February 2020.


In the meantime, teachers, continue to remind your students/families the importance of Branch CM Event dates.

The CM Program is administered through volunteer efforts of all participating CM Teachers. Our students achieve because we work together as a TEAM for their success!



NOVEMBER 3, 2019

just a little over a week left to turn in your signed MTAC Teacher Work Agreement and Branch Teacher Help Request Forms.

POSTMARK DEADLINE is November 12, 2019.  This is a firm deadline.

Send them in NOW. Do not wait to the last day to send it in. November 13, 2019 postmark is LATE! Do not risk your students’ CM applications being dropped due to late postmark date! See CM Policies and Procedures section 5.6

Where to turn in the signed forms?  you can find that info that was given to you at Branch CM Teacher Training. See CM Training Packet.



October 27, 2019

Just 4 days left to enroll students for CM 2020. Do not wait to the last minute. Enrollment portal closes on October 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.


Remember to check on your teacher portal CM Student List if there are any UNPAID applications. If so, remind your families to pay for CM enrollment fee(s) by November 5, 2019 11:59 p.m. through the Parent portal.

Payment portal CLOSES on November 5, 2019 11:59 p.m. Any unpaid CM application will be dropped by the system after deadline.

Thank you for your attention.


September 20, 2019

Thank you to the teachers who attended the Branch CM Training.

Now is the time to get parent email address, and specific information for each of your students that you want to enroll in CM 2020.

Please advise your student’s parent/guardian to carefully verify and confirm student application information BEFORE fee payment.

Parents can begin paying for CM fee once the application has been created beginning October 1. Parent online parent portal closes on November 5, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

Any application that is not paid by November 5, 2019 will be void.

If you have questions about the CM program, first look for answers in the CM Policies and Procedures document available in your teacher resource; or look in the Branch’s CM Info Packet that was distributed at the CM Training; or look in the CM Syllabus.  Do any of these steps first before telling your students/families answers.  Do not give answers to what you think it could be…misinformation given does no one any good.

Thank you for your cooperation.



September 14, 2019


See you tomorrow – Sunday, September 15, 2019 – for the CM 2020 Training at Church of Our Saviour from 6-7 pm.!

This is a mandatory Branch CM meeting for teachers interested in participating in CM 2020!

Bring your instrument Syllabus!


See you there!


August 26, 2019

September 5 CM Training signup is now CLOSED. It is full. Teachers attending this CM Training are encouraged to also attend the Sept 15 Branch’s Annual Teachers Meeting. The Branch Teachers Meeting will be about MTAC Pasadena Branch’s programs, calendar of events, meet the Branch Board, Branch Colleagues, and refreshments!


Any Branch Teachers interested in participating in CM 2020 (but haven’t signed up) should attend the Sept 15 CM Training from 6-7 p.m. This CM Training Meeting follows immediately after MTAC Pasadena Branch’s Annual Teachers Meeting.


August 15, 2019

All Active-member teachers should have received the first CM email from  on August 3, 2019. MTAC Pasadena will have 2 CM training dates for you to choose from. According to State CM Office, all teachers interested in CM MUST attend one mandatory Branch CM training in order to enroll your students for CM 2020.


1. Thursday, Sept 5, 2019.  10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. in Alhambra. This session is geared towards NEW members and to teachers who have less than 3 years of CM experience. Other teachers are also welcome for an in-depth review. Limited seating to first 25 RSVPs. NEW teachers/,3 years have signup priority.  RSVP deadline is August 22, 2019.

2. Sunday, Sept 15, 2019.  6-7 p.m. in San Gabriel, This session follows immediately after the MTAC Pasadena Annual Teachers Meeting. Open to all teachers interested in CM. RSVP deadline is Sept 1, 2019.

Send your choice of CM training date to  by RSVP deadline!

If you are not sure about participating in CM this academic year, sign up anyway!  THere is always something new to find out!  You might change your mind later to enroll your students and/or your students may ask to participate. Don’t wait until October to decide….


REMEMBER: you MUST attend a Branch CM Training in order for your name to be unblocked for enrollment.


July 2019

Check back in August to this page for upcoming Branch CM Teacher Training Info….


Have a great summer!


Carol Man Lee

MTAC Pasadena Branch CM Chair