Worthwhile tips from the State CM Council:


CM Policies and Guidelines,  Page 16, section 6.12. CM Ensembles
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“Students may choose to perform one Ensemble piece (e.g. duet) during their CM Performance Evaluation. However, Students must individually meet their repertoire requirement for their CM Level. For example, if the Ensemble piece chosen is Romantic, and the various Ensemble members are in Level 5, 6, and 7, then each of them must be sure to fulfill their Repertoire category requirements, i.e. must still perform Baroque, Classical, and 20/21st Century pieces.

Ensembles must be composed only of students who are individually enrolled in CM. Parents, teachers, non-MTAC members, and non-CM students, may not be part of any ensemble for CM Evaluation, including serving as substitutes in the event an ensemble member is unable to perform or attend. If an ensemble member is unable to perform or attend at a CM Evaluation, the remaining ensemble members shall perform the ensemble piece, and shall be evaluated on an individual basis for CM Evaluations but will be ineligible to perform as an ensemble for Convention. For more information, please refer to the applicable instrument Syllabus.

Ensembles may combine students of different levels and instruments; the different parts may be at different levels for various-leveled students, as long as each part is at the enrolled CM level for that student performing it. Instrument solos, including piano solos, with accompaniment are not accepted as Ensemble pieces. Music does not need to be memorized for Ensemble, including for Levels Prep, Level 1, and Level 2, where it is permissible for the non-memorized Ensemble piece to take the place of a required memorized piece.

Ensembles are not permitted at Panel/YAG Auditions.”