Helpful and Timely Information for you for a successful CM year!

Now available in your MTAC Teacher Portal home page and also in …CM program – Resources…

CM 2021 Video Recording Guidelines

CM 2021 Theory Test Length and Time Limit Information

CM 2021 Repertoire Upload Instructions

CM Keyboard and Staff Paper



June 8-July 8, 2021  CM 2021 Certificates pickup at Bertrand’s Old Town Music Store in Pasadena. Teachers, please stop by the store during these days and pickup your envelope as soon as possible.  You are responsible to pick up your CM 2021 enevelope and distributing the CM Certificates to your students.


March 10…..Congratulations to you, Teachers, for continued dedication to teaching your students in this most unusual time. CM 2021 Results will be published through the MTAC CM portal. Check your MTAC Teacher portal…CM…for Evaluation Results date.



February 22……DEADLINE for Pasadena Branch CM 2021 PREP – ADV students to upload their media files. System CLOSES at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.


February 12-22…..Teachers, remind your CM students and their families these are the dates the online system is OPEN for them to upload their Prep-Advanced level media files. Have them refer to the MTAC emails about CM upload procedures and rules.  You can also find more important CM 2021 deadlines in your MTAC Teacher portal….click CM….click Information gold ribbon.


February 14….IF you have CM 2021 PANEL/YAG CANDIDATE(S) ,,,,,these student’s performance videos upload deadline is February 14. As always, check your MTAC Teacher Portal for info. The CM Panel Coordinator will also be sending you specific information/instructions. If you still have questions, please send your question using the email link found in your MTAC Teacher Portal < CM < Resources….


January 28    MTAC CM State Office sent all CM Teachers an email titled “CM 2021 Evaluations Starting Soon!”  This email contains very important information and links to video instructions about Online Theory Testing, Online Sight Reading/Singing Testing, Online Technique chart access and upload process. Read/watch the videos carefully. Remind your students and their families of this important email sent to their emails as listed in their MTAC Parent/Adult Student portal.



January 15………DEADLINE to enter Repertoire for your CM 2021 students through your MTAC Teacher portal.

November 5……..DEADLINE for your CM families to pay for CM 2021 fees online through their MTAC Parent Portal or MTAC Adult Student portal.  Please remind your students/families to pay the CM fees.  Unpaid applications will be voided/dropped by the system after the November 5 deadline.


October 31…….last day to enroll your student(s) for CM 2021 online through your MTAC Teacher portal.


September 15- October 20, 2020  is online CM 2021 Teacher Training Period.

To access this, look in the MTAC email to you on Sept 15 for the link,  or  through your MTAC Teacher Portal < Resources.  Teachers interested in participating in CM 2021 must complete the Online video training and pass the CM Teacher quiz.




September 2, 2020

Welcome to a new CM year!  As you may have heard from MTAC Convention in July 2020, CM 2021 is going virtual!  MTAC State CM Office will be sending email info to you about CM 2021.  Make sure the email address in your MTAC teacher profile is the correct one you prefer to use.


If you have any CM questions, send them to the MTAC Pasadena Branch…


Looking forward to having a new successful adventure with you in CM 2021!



Carol Man Lee

MTAC Pasadena Branch CM Chair