Branch Honor Recital

The MTAC Pasadena Branch Board would like to bring back the popular Branch Honors recital for 2024, however we need the assistance of volunteers to co-chair various aspects of this event. Co-chairs are needed to organize the event for piano students, as well as volunteers to co-ordinate the recital for strings/winds/voice students. Without volunteers from among our branch members, the event will not happen. Please respond via email to

Required criteria for students to participate in the Branch Honors recital:

  • Levels 4-Advanced are eligible for Branch Honors.
  • Levels 4-5: Theory scores 90% or higher, and “excellent” or “good” scores on other categories.
  • Levels 6-Advanced: Theory scores 85% or higher, and “excellent” or “good” scores on other categories.
  • A collaborative pianist will be provided by the branch to accompany voice, strings and winds students as necessary, at no charge to the student performer.
  • Branch Honors performers will be presented with a Branch Honors medallion.
  • Other details regarding performance requirements will be sent out once we have the volunteers in place to co-ordinate the event.