Send Teacher Work Agreement, Teacher Help Request Form, and $15 Check payable to MTAC Pasadena to….Carol Man Lee, PO Box 1456, Temple City, CA 91780

Teacher Forms to Download

2019 CM pg 9 Work agreement Form

To download a printable version of the above form, click HERE.

2019 CM pg 10 VOICE Teacher Help form-1

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2019 CM pg 10 WINDS Teacher Help form

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2019 CM pg 10 PIANO Teacher Help form

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2019 CM pg 10 STRINGS Teacher Help form

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2019 CM pg 17 BH App

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2019 CM pg 16 BH Requirements

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2019 CM pg 18 Sr Bio

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As of September 28, 2018


To add new students to CM, you must first add your new student to your main teacher page of student roster.

Here is how to add a new student…

  1. log into your teacher portal. the main page will show up.
  2. look to the top left of your teacher page by the MTAC Logo and “Teacher Portal”
  3. Under the title “Teacher Portal”, click the gold lettered “Students”
  4. Look to the right side for a gold bar that says “Add New Student” and click it.
  5. Then the page will show as “Add a Student” and will ask the question if you know “the student’s Account ID”.. Click your answer and follow the prompts.

This is your FIRST STEP to get the new student onto your student list.  THEN, on (or after) October 1, 2018, you will be able to do online CM enrollment.


By the end of Sept 30, 2018, Branch teachers will have MTAC Pasadena 2019 CM dates. NOW is the time to give your student(s) and their parents/guardians the dates for 2019 CM.

Advise them frequently (I talk with my CM parents at least once a month) to save these dates for their students.  Encourage them to plan their vacations/outings/parties, etc.. on OTHER dates that WILL NOT CONFLICT with their student’s CM events.  You are giving them almost 6 months advanced notice for these important dates! Then you won’t get the surprise if the family comes to you with other conflicts. Their students would have worked hard all year and these CM dates will give them a chance to shine and show their progress.

Theory and Ear-Training Test…Sunday, March 3, 2019.

Voice Performance Evaluations…Sunday, March 17, 2019

Piano Performance Evaluations…Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24, 2019

Strings Performance Evaluations…Sunday, March 24, 2019

Winds Performance Evaluations…Sunday, March 31, 2019

Guitar Performance Evaluations are regionalized through the State CM Council. This means the Branch does not set up the Guitar evaluations. Date/Location/Time will be announced through the State CM Council.


IF you have questions about CM Enrollment, timeline, or process, first go online to your Teacher’s portal CM Resources ribbon to find answers to your questions. OR look in the CM Packet #1 for Branch specific answers OR look in your instrument syllabus for repertoire questions.  If none of these resources answer your questions, email the Branch CM Chair ( Carol Man Lee at with your CM question.  Kindly allow at  24-48 hours for Carol to reply. Write “CM Question” in subject line.


Looking forward to a successful CM Season with you!


Carol Man Lee

MTAC Pasadena Branch CM Chair


For October and November 2018

October 1 – 31   2019 CM Enrollment OPENS online through your Teacher portal. Refer to your CM Packet #1 for detailed instruction.
October 31  Online Enrollment CLOSES at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

No enrollment after this date.

November 1-10  Student’s parent/guardian pays CM enrollment fee online through the Parent portal.
November 10 Parent online payment portal CLOSES at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  Encourage the parent/guardian to pay as soon as possible and not wait to the last minute!  If payment is not received online by deadline, student will not be able to participate in 2019 CM program.
November 13, 2018 Postmark deadline for Teacher to send in…..

1.  the 2019 CM Work Agreement

2. Teacher Help request form, and

3. a check of $15 for teacher participation fee.

Send to Branch CM Chair Carol Man Lee.  See your Packet #1 for address information.

DO NOT use the MTAC Pasadena directory address!

Beginning on October 1, you can input your student’s repertoire.  Be careful of typing in the correct repertoire title, movement, tempo, composer’s name.  One selection must be from the Syllabus . Other piece(s) must be at the level or above.  If you are not sure about the piece, choose another one.  Don’t risk choosing the wrong piece that may  disqualify your student.  Any music titles in foreign language must have English translation.

September 18 Update:

There is 1 remaining Branch CM Training date available..

Choose your time….


Sunday, September 30, 2018  

3:00 p.m. Start time    (10 seats left)    OR        4:30 p.m. Start time

Location In Alhambra.


Reserve your seat  to

Write “CM Training” in the subject line.  Reply with your choice of training time. Kindly allow up to 24 hours for Branch CM Chair to reply.

MTAC Certificate of Merit State Council requires all interested teachers for 2019 Certificate of Merit to attend one (1) Mandatory Branch CM Training.  Teachers are blocked from online CM enrollment until you have attended a mandatory CM Training.




Dear Teachers interested in 2019 CM,

IF you have already attended a mandatory Branch CM Training, thank you so much!  it is good to renew understanding of this important program for the students.

You CAN add students to your online roster NOW/anytime  by logging onto your teacher portal.  Your teacher main page will open. Next  to the MTAC logo and under “Teacher Portal”, select “Students”. Click “Students” and the page will open.  The “Add Student” gold button is on the right side. Click “Add Student” to add your new student.

This process has nothing to do with accessing CM program to add students. 

Now is the time to get parent/guardian email address so you can  input their email into your student online roster.  Make sure the parent/guardian gives you the email they use to get information from you.  Tell them to look for email also from MTAC State regarding CM.  If they still have trouble finding the email from you, ask them to look in their email account’s spambox or junk mail folder.  Have them set the account to accept email from MTAC State link from you.

If you want more information, look in the CM Resources gold bar.  On the left side are resource material topics.  Topics in Gold Lettering are available for you to click and open to read. Topics in black lettering are not accessible at this time.

The enrollment system is locked by the State CM Council until October 1, 2018.


Please direct your CM questions to me – Carol Man Lee – at   Put “CM Question” in the subject line.


DO NOT send your questions to Winna Tan. Winna is NOT responsible for the Branch CM program.

Thank you!



Carol Man Lee

MTAC Pasadena Branch CM Chair