Important Dates and Deadlines to help you be prepared for CM 2022!


April 2022

Congratulations to all the teachers who had students participate in CM 2022! And to the students who devoted themselves this year to engage music more deeply through the CM program.

Special congratulations to the…..

the graduating high school students who earned the CM 2022 Senior Award Medallion

Students who earned the YAG recognition, Panel recognition

Students selected for the 2022 Convention Recitals



Deadline for Panel/YAG Applications online media submissions: February 1, 2022


MTAC Pasadena Branch is assigned to South Region 4 for CM Levels Prep – Advanced.

Media online submission dates for CM Levels Preparatory – Advanced Applications: Opens January 29, 2022 and Closes on February 8, 2022. 


If you have any CM questions, send them directly to the MTAC State CM Office through your MTAC Teacher Portal > CM> Resources…”For help, go to: Frequently Asked Questions & Contact Information”


October 1- November 5, 2021

Parent/Adult Student payment period for the CM 2022 application.


October 1-31, 2021

Online enrollment period for CM 2022. Enroll your student(s) for CM 2022 through your MTAC Teacher portal.


September 15- October 25, 2021

CM Teacher Training Video and CM Teacher Quiz is live online and accessible on your MTAC Teacher Portal homepage.  REMEMBER: you must have viewed the CM 2022 Training video and score at least 70% on the CM Teacher Quiz in order for the State CM Office to unblock your name BEFORE you can enroll your student(s) for CM.



September 15, 2021

CM 2021 Calendar of events is now available in your MTAC Teacher Portal > CM…. It has deadlines and action needed for a successful CM year.


August 2021

MTAC State CM Office will be sending email info about CM 2022 to MTAC Pasadena Branch Member Teachers. Please make sure the email address in your MTAC Teacher profile has the correct email address that you prefer.