Senior Awards

Senior Award

Recognition of graduating High School Senior who has fulfilled the CM requirements for the medal award. To qualify for Senior Award, the graduating high school senior student MUST:

  1. enroll in CM Evaluation at CM Level 7 or above;
  2. enroll in CM Evaluation for three (3) years during school Grades 9 through 12 (consecutive or non-consecutive years), including in their final year of high school; 
  3. pass all components of CM Evaluations (e.g. Performance and Theory) for each Level, in each of those three (3) years.

*If a student play two (2) instruments, the student MUST complete the requirements for EACH instrument. Cannot combine two (2) or more instruments for one award.


2023 Senior Awards Ceremony will be on May 21, 2 PM, at Cleaver Hall, Church of Our Saviour.

Congratulations to all Seniors!


If you have any CM related questions, please visit your MTAC Teacher Portal or contact the MTAC CM State Office directly.

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