Congratulations to our 17 Branch Teachers whose 25 students earned their CM Senior Awards…. Kelly Anderson, Anne Bader, Dorothy Caimano, Esther Chang, Ani Cholakyan, Margarita Dolukhanova, Dianne Douglass Harmel, Michiko Hartzberg, Fay Kau, Tamara Krigman, Angela Liu, Alexandra Miller, Michelle Jo Santoso, Gayane Sarkisian, Charlotte Betry Wilkins, Jing Yi Xu, and Roza Yoder.

MTAC Pasadena wishes the Class of 2024 CM Senior Award students continued love for making music and success in their new endeavors. We look forward to hearing many good things about MTAC Pasadena student-alumni.  On behalf of MTAC Pasadena,


Carol Man Lee, MTAC Pasadena Branch 2024 CM Senior Award Event Coordinator