How to Become a Member

To become a member of MTAC Pasadena, one must first become a member of the State organization, Music Teachers’ Association of California. MTAC (State) requires prospective members wishing to apply for “Active” membership status to have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in music (or the equivalent) from an accredited institution, have a minimum of two years of music teaching experience, and compliance with MTAC Bylaws.

To apply for membership in MTAC, please click here to visit the State MTAC website which describes membership requirements and how to join.

Once your application for active membership has been accepted by State, you can become a member of our Pasadena branch by contacting our Membership Secretary.

Other categories of membership described below:

Student: This is for the college student currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music, who wants to become part of the Association.

Provisional: This is a four (4) year program for those who have not completed their degree in music and/or have not taught for a minimum of 2 years. Meanwhile, they may participate in MTAC Branch programs and Certificate of Merit program.

Cal Plan: An independent four (4) year study program for teachers without the academic training who are pursuing Active Membership.

Business Affiliate: Non-teaching persons and organizations that support the purposes of the Association: This is for businesses such as music stores, piano stores, dealers, and piano tuners.

Contributory Member: MTAC members of other branches (example: Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, etc. ) may become Contributory Members of our Pasadena Branch.