We’re looking for music coaches for the Better Practice Club. These club sessions are supplemental(and usually separate) to the students lessons with their music teachers. The goal is to get students practicing on a schedule, and teach them good practice habits while making sure they don’t get stuck. Coaches would sit on a zoom call for 30 minute time sessions, and listen in to students practice and give them tips/answer questions.

The students pick times lots that recur every week, so the coaches will have a consistent schedule. We wanted to make it more like sports practice, where students have a set practice schedule. Most of our students have a club session the day after their weekly lesson, and another a few days later.

When you sign up to be a coach, you just click on all the 30 minute times lots that you are available on the calendar. You may not get students right away, but we let you know as soon as students begin to sign up for your time slot.

If anyone would like to sign up, they can just send us an email at info@betterpracticeapp.com