Hello Pasadena Branch teachers!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2023 is off to a good start! Your Pasadena Branch Board is hard at work making plans for Spring and beyond. Be on the lookout for an official Newsletter to be sent via email soon.

A couple of items for you…

Our branch website: MTACPasadena.com has been redesigned and Is being updated regularly by branch board member Bee Tan. Please check it out for up-to-date information about branch programs and happenings.

Check out our MTAC Pasadena FaceBook page, hosted by Bee Tan. She posts announcements about upcoming Branch activities as well as performances by our branch members. Photos of some past events are included here as well. The FaceBook page is open for anyone to view, but there is also a Members Only section which you can join by permission (Bee will make sure you are in our membership directory before including you.). Very few branch members follow this page thus far, probably because many are not aware of it. Check it out. Thanks, Bee for your work on this!

Certificate of Merit – As you know, the MTAC State Office is now handling all aspects of CM. If you have any CM-related questions, do not hesitate to contact them at cminfo@mtac.org. Also, if you notice errors in the online theory test, I encourage you to take a screenshot of the faulty test item and send it to cminfo@mtac.org. They need to be made aware of the errors. As a Voice teacher, I have found several inaccurate questions/answers in each level’s CM practice test. I am guessing that piano and the other instruments’ exams might have similar issues.

Have a great week! You’ll be hearing more from us soon!

On behalf of the Pasadena Branch Board,

Dianne Harmel
President, MTAC Pasadena